Fire Fighting Command Cars:

Command cars normally are the first ones to arrive at the place of fire, but instead of having adequate fire fighting equipment aboard, they just have hand-held fire extinguishers. This is not very professional. Recently there had been repeated attempts to install high pressure, fogging or foaming machinery, but this did not succeed since such machinery due to limited power sofar did not supply a security squad simultaneous to the fire fighting squad, resulting in being not allowed in housing and dangerous areas. Portable fire pumps, on the other hand, consume a lot of water thereby draining the water tank installed in passenger cars within seconds.

We therefore have developed the following fire fighting system: (1) doubled power to allow simultaneous action of two squads, thereby allowing to enter dangerous areas, (2) quick fire attack by up to six quickly changeable and optimizable fire fighting modes, (3) operated by just one joint high pressure equipment system instead of sofar a multitude of various independent ones, (4) handled as easily as a common high pressure washer but (5) offered at an unbelievably low price. These advantages and the non-existence of disadvantages lead to the expectation that in normal applications the new system is a real choice to a portable (due to its excessive weight however rather unportable) fire pump. In this case, command cars (SUVs, Off-Roaders, Pick-Ups etc.) equipped with the new fire fighting system become professional and fully energized, but reasonably priced fire fighting vehicles.

Further Information:

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