Own Company Fire Fight Cars:

Companies dealing with inflammable material can insure themselves against fire and resulting damage, not however agianst loosing clients or even the total business. The best solution to the problem would be to have an own fire fighting vehicle being instantly fully available, however such vehicles sofar had been quite expensive.

We therefore proceeded as follows. (1) miniaturizing existing fire fighting systems and (2) bundling them together to form an All-In-One joint fire fighting system, (3) installing this within affordable mini or micro cars which due to their slim width can move on production lanes within buildings, (4) making the fire fighting system easily operable like a common pressure washer, (5) doubling the available fire fight power to allow simultaneous action of fire squad and securing squad, and (6) supply all this at an affordable price.

All the above can be supplied at best net prices of Euro 18.000,- including the car and full basic fire fighting equipment. In case of advanced vehicles and equipment this may rise to Euro 60.000,-. And all this might be financed by the insurance company due to increased fire protection. This should be discussed.

Further Information:

Immediate Aid to Fire endangered Business