Hydraulic Transformers

New: in various steps (various transmission ratios)

         realized by just one transformer

Hydraulic Transformers transform available fluid power P1 (= pressure p1 x flow Q1) of an available hydraulic pwoer source like a pump or vehicle onto another fluid power level P2 (= pressure p2 x flow Q2) and/or to another kind of fluid like water  to provide

a. higher hydraulic pressure (= pressure intensifying)

b. higher hydraulic flow (to achieve higher flows)

c. water jetting (like of high pressure cleaning) or

d. 2-stage fluid power applications hy just one unit:

  • initial jetting & final flushing/transportation
  • initial high force followed by high speed, or
  • fluid speed cycle followed by strong work cycle
Most important is the possibility of getting mobile effects since vehicles with existing hydraulic systems or uitility terrain vehicles can be used as power supply while simultaneously transporting the required water volume to do the required job:

a. Street Sweepers can be completed for dual effects
  • large flows can clear the streets (jetting boom)
  • while subsequent high pressure cleaning can be added (fully mobile pressure cleaning)
b. Concrete Pumps and Mixers can combine
  • flushing of concrete pipes and
  • high pressure cleaning
c.  Fire Fighting Vehicles to allow high and low pressure
  • e.g. high pressure for fogging and 
  • low pressure to cover larger distances 
d. Communal Trucks to realize
  • normal communal tasks and
  • additionally allow mobile pressure washing
e. Sludge Suction Trucks to 
  • first remove the contamination 
  • and then flush it off
f. Service Vehicles to
  • first pressure clean the failed part 
  • and then do the repair at no contamination 
2-Stage effects can be reached to

a. Provide a first low pressure range now followed by high pressure
  • hydraulic presses and power packs or compressed air
  • hydraulic tools, namely rescue tools (scissors, spreaders)
  • rock bolt fastening to fix/stabilize overhead tunnel ceilings
  • hydraulic lifts for squeezing/fixing cables
b. Energizing another fluid like water for e.g. fire prevention
  • plastic moulding machines driven by clear water
  • rock bolts to fix/stabilize overhead rocks and mountains
  • underground roof supports to allow increased cylinder loads
  • concrete demolition & cutting
  • squeezing devices and clamps

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