Fire trucks are heavy and clumsy. Smaller communities cannot afford their price of Euro 360.000,- and over. This video film is showing new fire fighting techniques, which are based on quick and easily maneuverable, in any case however affordable small vehicles showing fire fight fog, and in future will involve all other kinds of strong fire fighting, too. Heavy equipment as of central fire stations thereby cannot be replaced, but the vast majority of small and developing fires can be extinguished much quicker and more effectively - before they can burst out to become big fires.

Such big fires share about 2 to 3% of all fires within large cities, but in rural and remote areas this figure is quite higher. So there is a corresponding need to cover this deficiency by introduction of quick, effective and affordable fire fighting techniques. The displayed technologies are starting exactly from this point by using quick and maneuverable, low-priced vehicles and correspondingly effective equipment.

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