Our main activities

Within mechanical engineering and automotive industry we are dealing with development, production and sales of components concerning oil hydraulics, water jetting and fire fighting techniques .


Hydraulic drives for e.g.
compressors, generators etc.

Water jetting techniques as e.g
for high pressure cleaning

Fire fighting techniques
now involving all methods

Present focal points within special vehicle design are

  • mobile commercial techniques
  • construction business
  • mobile communal techniques
  • and fire fighting techniques

Our philosophy is quite simple

 * quicker * smaller
 * lighter
 * stronger
 * cheaper

All this has to be realized simultaneously to get really big steps ahead. At first sight this seems to be impossible, but exactly this is our daily work: real innovation.

We forge innovations !

Albert Einstein stated that real innovations exist only in case experts of the art testify they are unworkable. Since if they could be easily realized the experts already would have realized them. This is where we start. And this is our success:

9 industrial licensees in 6 countries (3xD, CH, H, I, Jap, 2xUSA)
  • amongst them the worlds largest pump manufacturer (concerning patent P329.29.652)
  • after expiration of FRIEDRICHS patents the world's largest manufacturer of hydraulic excentre motors fully changed over to this idea (Patent P21.32.941)
  • Hydraulic Transformers as a new basic element of mechanical engineering, licensed to four companies in four versions (Patent EP329.208)
  • Various national and international R&D projects
  • First Innovation Prize (Industrial Exhibition Milano/Italy)
  • Innovation Silver Medal Leningrad
  • Innovation Prize Saxony-Anhalt
8 arranged external industrial licenses
  • one company within one year reached 70% market share
  • one company boosted into the top 20 of best German firms within the Forbes List

Zero Wear
Hydraulic Motors
Patent P21.32.941

First Hydraulic Excavator
with Innovation electronics
Patent P24.08209

Ultra compact   
electric Pump
Patent P29.29.652

    A new basic element:
    Hydraulic Transformers
    Patent EP329.208

Vehicle References (complementing trucks with hydraulic transformers)

  1. Italy: about 700 small fire fighting trucks
  2. USA: ca. 250 pick-ups for rescue techniques
  3. Germany: about 3.500 concrete pumps (trucks)
  • 3x Chevrolet-Quick Fire Response Vehicle Nürburgring/Germany
  • various off-roaders, pick-ups and about 500 communal Unimogs
  • most German highway service stations
  • Mini Fire fight vehicles with truck fire power
    Fire Fight Truck
   Mini Fire Fight Cars
       Wide Rande Jet
            Fan Jet

Success will convince

Success of future innovations is best guaranteed by convincing historic success.
Let's talk about about the future.